17 Ramadan is a historic day of the battle of Badr

17 Ramadan

7 Ramadan is the great day in the history of Islam when there was a decisive battle between truth and falsehood. The passion and enthusiasm of was visible. Perhaps for them the poet had said that.
“Intentions of those who have strong eyes on God
They are not frightened by the turbulent waves. “Holy Prophet pointing towards us?” I swear you jumped into the sea.
Hazrat Muqdad (may Allah be pleased with him) said: We will not say like the people of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) that you and your God should fight. We will fight from your right, from your left, from the front, from the back. Allah’s blessed face shone. Even the youngest children were eager to sacrifice their lives and walk on their heels so that they too would be allowed to participate.
On the other hand, the army of one thousand infidels and polytheistic enemies of Islam, armed with all kinds of equipment and weapons, under the leadership of the great Quraysh chief Abu Jahl, were eager to uproot Islam and Muslims and were increasingly challenging the arrogant Muslims.
This was a very strange sight. The Creator of the heavens and the earth and His angels were watching over him. He was in a state of severe humility and both of them would stretch out their hands and weep in front of their Lord saying, “O God, You have made me Fulfilling the promise made today, in a state of stubbornness and weeping, the chador would fall from Mubarak’s shoulder and you did not even know about it. Sometimes he would fall in prostration and say, Will not be named “
Thus, the unseen system of Allah Almighty came into action and Allah Almighty promised help and support to the Muslims through revelation, which comforted the Prophet of Islam and his devoted companions.
In Surah Aal-e-Imran, Allah says: “Surely, God is with you in Badr. Fear Allah when you were weak, so that you may be grateful” Putting on an ostrich (it was customary in Arabia that when the people of Sardar Qasim came to the battlefield, they would put on a special kind of symbol to stand out from the others). He came to the battlefield with his brother and son and said, “Someone Who will compete with us? On behalf of the Muslims, Hazrat Awf, Hazrat Mu’adh, Hazrat Abdullah bin Rawaha, may Allah be pleased with them, went ahead to compete.
After asking them their names, Utbah said, “O Muhammad (peace be upon him), these Ansar are not our allies and send our peers to the battlefield. On the instructions of the Holy Prophet, Hazrat Hamza, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Ubaidah came to the battlefield.” Then ‘Utbah said, “Yes, they belong to our joint.” So’ Utbah confronted Hazrat Hamzah (RA) and Walid (may Allah be pleased with him) confronted Hazrat Ali Al-Murtadha (RA).
Utbah’s brother Sheiba attacked Hazrat Ubaidah’s shoulder which injured him. Haider Karar went ahead and finished the story.
Hazrat Obeida (RA) was brought to the service of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in a wounded condition and asked, “O Messenger of Allah, did I miss the wealth of martyrdom?” He said, “No, you have been martyred.” Hazrat Obeida (RA) said: I would like to acknowledge that I am entitled to his poem “We will hand over Muhammad to the enemies when we fight and die around him and we will not be forgotten by our sons and daughters”.

These three hundred and thirteen martyrs, with the help and support of Allah Almighty, defeated the army of one thousand infidels. The infidels like Abu Jahl, Utbah, Sheba and Umayya bin Khalaf were killed in this battle. Allah Almighty reduced the arrogance of the infidels and polytheists to dust. In this battle, seventy infidels were killed and as many were arrested, while six Muhajireen and eight Ansar and a total of fourteen Muslims were martyred.

The angels created the atmosphere of Badr for your help
Rows can also come down from the kidneys
We learn the lesson that a Muslim will never be victorious with his manpower unless the help of the Lord of the worlds is involved, because the source of all power and strength is Allah, the One and Only. Even the superpower of the universe can do no harm to it if it is helped. Pray to Allah Almighty to further elevate the ranks of the martyrs of Badr and help the Muslim Ummah to follow these great personalities.

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