Ramadan Kareem – Writing No. 945

Ramadan Kareem – Writing No. 945



Dr. Yasmeen Sheikh:

Undoubtedly, Ramadan is a very blessed month which encourages the use of innumerable physical and spiritual benefitsSince it is forbidden to eat or drink anything in the morning while fasting, every fasting person becomes aware of the pain of hunger and thirst.

But the benefits that can be gained physically are usually neglected in our country, just as the moon of Ramadan appears before all the sweet shops in large baskets decorated with itchy heartsSome people eat so much in just one day’s breakfast that if a separate calorie chart is calculated, the menu will be the equivalent of a two-course mealare very carefully decorated on the table. Now it is up to the eater how much he does justice to all these dishes.

Some people drink at least four glasses of water after eating everything and then barely finish a cup of tea when the call to prayer is being And when the day dawns, after eating such a nutritious food, in principle, the body should feel strong, but since the feeling of fasting prevails in the mind, inevitably the gait and the face begin to feel less stressed.

And then it is said that fasting is not tolerated. And after a very quiet day’s work, at about two o’clock in the afternoon, I start thinking about Iftar and all kinds of accessories including samosas, fritters, yogurt, big


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