Conquest of the first history of Islamic forces

 Islamic forces

The Battle of Badr is the first battle in the history of Islam when Islam and disbelief, truth and falsehood were face to face for the first time. During this battle, Muslims were in very small numbers while infidels were many times more than them. It took place at Badr, southwest of Medina.

Allah Almighty has mentioned it with the title of Yom-ul-Furqan, ie the day when the difference between truth and falsehood became clear. This battle is also called Badr-ul-Azmi and Badr-ul-Qatal.

Attack on the pasture of Madinah. Ghazwa Bani Safwan On 10th Rabi-ul-Awwal, the polytheists attacked a pasture on the outskirts of Madinah. They cut down many trees of this pasture and killed the shepherd to raise the dhak and took away as many sheep and goats as they could. ۔

When the Holy Prophet (sws) got the news, he followed them with a group of Companions and followed them to Safwan Valley, but they managed to escape.

Abu Sufyan, who did not miss any opportunity of Islamophobia, became the immediate cause of the Battle of Badr. He left for Syria with a trade caravan for trade. The Muslims did not expect any good from Abu Sufyan.

So the Prophet of Allah, instead of sitting at home and waiting for his attack, decided to attack him on his own initiative on the return of the caravan. Nineteen months after the Hijrah, on the twelfth day of Ramadan on Saturday. He left Madinah with the martyrs.

Abu Sufyan received information about the activities of Muslims through his spy.

He used a man named Zamzam bin Amr al-Ghaffari to slander the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by paying him 1200 rupees of silver as compensation for the perpetual method of false powers. After his verbal attack, the infidels of Makkah sent a caravan of about a thousand people to Makkah. He left Mukarramah. While Abu Sufyan took a long journey by sea and reached Bakhriyat, the chiefs of the infidels began to gather to teach the Muslims a lesson.

When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) reached the place of Zafaran, he meant a meeting of consultations. The army of infidels was advancing in Makkah when after the consultation a caravan of 313 Mujahideen with 70 camels and two horses left. He was sent away, but some of the innocent Companions, accompanied by a passion for martyrdom, continued to walk with the army.

It was an army that did not have enough weapons.

Horses and swords were not enough, but they were rich in the power of trust in Allah and His Prophet. Thus, praising Allah Almighty, this unique fighting army of its kind reached the battlefield of Badr. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) entered the plain of Badr on behalf of the enemy of the world and ordered them to pitch a tent in one place.

On the advice of Hazrat Khabab bin Munther and Hazrat Saad bin Mu’adh, the government changed the tent and a high place was chosen for the stay of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Siddiq Akbar (RA) visited. And Hazrat Sa’d bin Mu’adh himself stood up with his sword to protect you.

Conditions of the night before the war: It was a Friday night. All the Mujahideen were tired thieves. Allah Almighty gave sleep to the whole army and the whole army slept well until they were refreshed.

The government of the two worlds stayed awake all night and prayed to Allah at every moment of prostration. While the army of infidels drank all night and gave luxuries, dance and hymn parties remained active. Hazrat Ali Sher Khudarawi said that On the day when the battle of Badr began, the words of Yahya Yaqoom were on the tongues of the Holy Prophet

It is narrated from Hazrat Abdullah that on that day I did not hear anyone give me my right with this abundance and strength.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to say, “O Allaah, if you destroy this group, then you will not be worshiped.” It is narrated on the authority of Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas that I give you this promise and promise that you have made with me.

O Allah, if you do not fulfill it, then you will not be worshiped forever.

Seeing the number of polytheists, the Holy Prophet (saw) stood facing the qiblah and started crying out to the Lord. Beloved Prophet, you have limited the intercession. Until Gabriel Amin came with this verse, Surah Al-Anfal No. 9 (translation) and remember that when you were supplicating, He heard your supplication from your Lord. I am going to do it with your thousand angels.

17 Ramadan 17 March 624 After the Fajr prayers, the Holy Prophet lined up and according to the traditions, individual contests started. First came out the brother of Umar bin Al-Hazrami who was killed in the blink of an eye by the slave of Hazrat Umar. Rabia, Sheba ibn Rabi ‘and Waleed ibn Utbah entered the field. Hazrat Hamza and Hazrat Ali entered the field. Hazrat Hamza killed Sheba and Ali killed Waleed. Ali completed his task with a single blow, then the battle of Ghamsan began. During this battle, the two Mujahideen Mu’adh and Mu’adh asked Hazrat Abdul Rahman bin Awf about Abu Jahl.

At your suggestion, the two young Mujahideen leaned towards Abu Jahl and knocked him down from the horse. Mu’adh ibn Afra’s brother Mu’adh separated Abu Jahl from his head.

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