Destroyed space shuttle carrying humans to Mars 2021


Destroyed space shuttle carrying humans to Mars


AXAS (Urdu Point News Latest. 03 February 2021) Technology is advancing and man has dreamed of living in space after traveling in space. Therefore, for the past decade, the dream of building a human settlement on Mars. In this regard, Alan Musk has set up a company that is working on a mission to make this project a success.

The Starship Prototype spacecraft, launched by Alan Musk Company, which was in the form of a rocket, crashed while landing during an experimental flight yesterday. Surprisingly, two months ago, when the space shuttle The rocket was built entirely of steel body.

The rocket flew ten kilometers from Earth during spaceflight.


Everything seemed to be going so well that all of a sudden the rocket slipped and started coming towards the ground. So due to a technical glitch the rocket could not handle itself and was coming to the ground. The director said that we still have to do some work on the landing of this spacecraft. This spacecraft remained in space for six and a half minutes. It should be remembered that the richest man in the world Alan Musk built a spacecraft to take humans to Mars. The shuttle has been under construction for many years and has not yet been successful.

It may be recalled that an attempt was made to launch this space shuttle starship last week but it could not get permission from the Federal Aviation Authority after which it was launched this week but returned after successfully landing in space. The rocket was destroyed in the landing. However, it remains to be seen how long Alan Musk’s dream of transporting people to Mars and settling there will come true, as his spacecraft still seems to be failing in the construction phase. Has been


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Why did you wear the Magadar T-shirt? A tussle broke out between China and Canada


BEIJING, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) – The Corona virus has wreaked havoc around the world and is yet to show signs of eradicating it. The city was in Wuhan, so China is blamed for the outbreak, which China has always denied, but now Canada has done something that has caused China great concern.

According to a foreign news agency, China has staged a formal protest against an employee of the Canadian embassy in Beijing for ordering an T-shirt order, which has led to the impression that China is to blame for the corona virus. According to Chinese officials, the T-shirt is a mockery of Chinese countermeasures.

On Tuesday, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said it had made it clear to the Canadian government that it would immediately investigate the matter and inform us of its findings. The controversy began with a picture circulating on Chinese social media. It showed a Canadian diplomat ordering a T-shirt with a bat on it.

The image is thought to be an indication of the theory that the corona virus originated in Wuhan, from bats sold at an animal market there, which spread the virus around the world. It’s not the shape of a bat, but the English alphabet W.

Relations between the two countries have soured since the arrest of Meng Wenzhou, the daughter of a Chinese mobile phone company founder and top official in Canada two years ago Meng’s arrest, China has detained a number of Canadian businessmen and banned many Canadian imports to China. What kind of action does China take against Canada over the T-shirt controversy?




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