Maulana Mahmood Rashid Hudoti:

 Maulana Mahmood Rashid Hudoti:

Tolerance means ‘caring, forgiving, forgiving and tolerating others’. To justify anything, to give peace, tranquility and security also means impartiality in Islam. Muharram means the month of honor, greatness, greatness and sanctity. We are Muslims, the name of our religion and religion is Islam, Islam is made of security, Allah Almighty has declared Islam as the true religion in the Holy Qur’an, at the same time it has been made clear that any religion other than Islam is our religion. Yes, it will not be accepted.

At one point it was said to enter the religion of Islam completely.

A study of the Holy Qur’an shows how enlightening its teachings are. In it, Allah says, “Do not curse the gods of those who worship them out of ignorance.”

If you do so, they will retaliate in anger and rage against your true God, the Almighty.

(Reward 108)

What a beautiful principle that you are on the truth, you are on the truth, you are monotheistic, you hate polytheism, you believe in one God as your God, you follow the commands of God, but remember that peace and tranquility The way is that you do not speak ill of the false gods of others, do not speak ill of them on your behalf, it is a guarantee of peace and security.

Then the Holy Qur’an clarified that Allah is One, He is the Creator, the Inventor, so many creatures have come into existence from His creation, the Creator is One, there is uniformity in it, while there is diversity in the creatures, there is no uniformity Their natures are different, their temperaments are different, sometimes they are warm and sometimes they are cold. To be taken into account.

In the same way, when Allah sent human beings into the world, gave them religion, and favored the Shari’ah, there is no difference between the divine and the divine teachings in this respect, but the followers of these religions created differences and defeated the beautiful tree of unity. He threw it and scattered this tree. Therefore, there was a need not to start a series of killings and bloodshed on the basis of each other’s differences. Allah explained to them, “Look, defend in a good way. The person with whom you have enmity and enmity, if you If you talk to him in a good manner, then tomorrow he will be your enemy and he may be your book.

(Surat an-Nahl, 125)

Allah Almighty has made it clear that there is no compulsion in religion, there is no force and coercion, the truth is clear and the error is clear, whoever has taken the right path has taken in his hand a strong chain. , It is not in danger of falling. (Al-Baqarah 254)

Similarly, in verse 29 of Surah Al-Kahf, he said: The truth is from Allah, whoever wants to accept it and whoever wants to deny it.

In the light of this verse, every one of us today, every sect, every religion and Musharraf should put their hands on their hearts and think, step out of the shell of Deobandi, Barelvi, Shia and Sunni and think that Allah created us, whose It is difficult to estimate the strength and power, sometimes a small glimpse of its strength and power is seen in the form of floods, earthquakes and storms, what is the difficulty with Allah who is so powerful that he disobeys His command Twist the perpetrator’s neck.

He may strike down his disobedient people with sticks as a sign, but he does not do so. Sometimes the glimpse is to warn others, to deter others from persecution, but he endures all. He keeps on shouting, “Come back, come back to the right path,” but because of the disobedience of the disobedient, the gates of sustenance do not close on them, the grave is flooded with its treasures, Hindu Muslims Irrigated, Jews and Christians are rich, he has made no difference in his gifts, he is going to reward everyone.

But we insist that the other person who belongs to another sect should join our sect, the servant of the other sect should fill the form of our party, for this we use various tricks and tricks, illegal and We also use good tactics, we get skewers when we are stuck in another place. Sometimes we play Holi with his blood in case of bet and then we are happy that we have done a great deed by taking the life of an innocent person.

Although the murder of a human being is the murder of all humanity, the murderer of one soul is as if he has killed the whole of humanity. The Lord of the worlds has conveyed to him the message in his true book that your end is the fire of hell. Tolerance is dear to Allah, that is why Allah has given great importance to forgiveness and pardon. So we need each of us to put the word tolerance into practice, rather than just using it formally.

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