Rukmanistan offers to supply 3,000 MW of cheap electricity to Pakistan


LPG can also be supplied to Pakistan, Turkmen Ambassador to Pakistan Atad Jan Mulamov talks during a visit to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Salamabad (Urdu Point newspaper latest. 03 February 2021) Turkmenistan offered to supply 3,000 MW of cheap electricity to Pakistan. According to details, Turkmen Ambassador to Pakistan Atad Jan Mulamov visited the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, where he briefed the business community on possible areas of co-operation between Turkmenistan and Pakistan.

The Ambassador of Turkmenistan said that the 1840 km TAPI Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan and India gas pipeline, as well as the 1635 km long optic fiber line and power transmission line are major projects that will establish strong cooperation between Turkmenistan and Pakistan. Completion of major projects will bring numerous benefits to Pakistan’s economy and accelerate its growth.

He said that Turkmenistan would start construction of Tapi gas pipeline to Herat province of Afghanistan this year, while Turkmenistan could also supply LPG to Pakistan. Due to being a landlocked country, Gwadar port and Karachi port are very important for Turkmenistan. Are important By increasing cooperation with Pakistan, it can boost its trade and exports with other countries through these ports.

Afghanistan offers Pakistan the shortest route to Turkmenistan, so establishing peace in Afghanistan could significantly improve bilateral trade, making Pakistan a hub for economic activity in the region, Turkmen Ambassador Atad Jan Mulamov said. That is why Turkmenistan intends to strengthen its trade relations with it.

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