The instructive sayings of Zart Abu Bakr Siddiq

Zart Abu Bakr Siddiq, may Allah be pleased with him The first caliph, Siddiq-e-Akbar, is the glorious companion of the Prophet, who left an indelible mark on the history of Islam. His services to Islam will be remembered till the Day of Judgment. After the demise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the person who guided … Read more

Sahibzada Zeeshan Kaleem Masoomi

: The second month of the Islamic year is Safar-ul-Muzaffar. There are many meanings of Safar in the literal sense, but it is accompanied by Zabra and F of Zawr. Fighting was forbidden in Al-Haram, and in the month of Safar, the Arabs would leave their homes and go out to fight, and blood would … Read more

The believers, HThe believers, Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah, may Allah be pleased with her may Allah be pleased with her

Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah, Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah (RA) is the liver of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (RA), the first caliph. In an environment where even his own had become non-existent and had become enemies of the soul, he gave practical proof of his devotion to the footsteps of the two world leaders and being a sincere … Read more